Challenge Greatness, Be Different
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"My mission is to change your perception"
- Sean Bacon, CD

Dynamic Shift Consulting Inc., represents a wide range of corporate and athletic clients internationally. DSC specializes in "Mental Toughness", which brings to bear the ability to be operationally resilient to any situation or environment. This is a definite advantage when situational adversity disrupts every single day and effects the successful outcome of your business plan. We work with corporate leaders and organizations by leveraging our extensive experience to develop and sustain leadership and team development in a competitive environment.


Sean’s mental toughness workshop was a great kickoff to our annual management retreat. His emphasis on being laser focused and setting standards is something we are applying to our business every day. His personal insights and experiences brought the workshop to life! I would highly recommend Sean.
— Rachel Lewis, COO of Vancouver Whitecaps



Executive COACHING

Personal one-on-one coaching designed to galvanize your path of success and incite powerful professional development and growth.

Real-time situations are addressed and practical tools for every day use — in and out of the boardroom — are reinforced.


The Attentional Interpersonal Style Inventory (TAIS) measures three basic performance building blocks; Leadership, Emotional Control, and Performance Under Pressure.


A custom message crafted to inspire, motivate and engage your audience.

Topics include: Mental Toughness, Leadership, Standards not Expectations, Be Uncommon, Fail Harder.


Custom developed for your team goals and needs - designed to forge a unified and unstoppable mission oriented team.

Includes breakout groups, practical tools and personal assessments.


Custom created to address the needs of your group and formulated to inspire powerful thinking.

Topics include: Mental Toughness, Leadership, Conflict Resolution, Body Language.


Body language tells us vital information - which may even contradict the verbal language we are listening to. The ability to interpret a persons body language provides a dynamic advantage throughout the sales and negotiation process. 

Individual and team training includes hands on practice and personal instruction.


A comprehensive multi-day program based on your team goals. Utilizing adversity to forge your psychological strength.

Coach specific training also available.


Who We've Worked With

  • Sean is one of MacKay CEO Forum’s top rated speakers. His approach to mental toughness and leadership is the new standard in leadership development and the value received from his workshops cannot be overstated.
    — Dr. Nancy MacKay, CEO of MacKay CEO Forums
  • Sean is the driving force that will help you to keep focused on your own priorities. He will inspire you to keep loyal to your inner voice!
    — Miguel Dias, Founder & CEO of ScaleUp
  • There are few management development programs that focus on these less tangible attributes in a pragmatic, grounded way…and Sean is one of them. His experience gives him an approach to leadership that is uncommon and well worth consideration.
    — David Labistour, CEO of Mountain Equipment Co-Op
  • Sean engaged the audience with his stories and real life experiences of mental toughness. He is such an inspirational speaker and through his honesty and sincerity the message of mental toughness is clearly delivered. Everyone left the event with the motivation to achieve better.
    — Joan Camilleri, Office Manager at Fazzari + Partners



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