• Sean is the driving force that will help you to keep focused on your own priorities. He will inspire you to keep loyal to your inner voice! I don't have doubts to say that Sean was one of the three people that most impacted me during the last 3 years leading CEO World. What an incredible human being! You will be in good hands with him!
    — Miguel Dias, Founder and CEO of CEO World
  • There are few management development programs that focus on these less tangible attributes in a pragmatic, grounded way…and Sean is one of them. His experience gives him an approach to leadership that is uncommon and well worth consideration.
    — DAVID LABISTOUR, CEO Mountain Equipment Co-Op
  • Sean’s humour and real life stories encouraged and inspired each one of us in the room to strive for more and to understand that failing is okay and can even make a person better and stronger. His “Warrior Mindset System” can be applied to any profession, any generation, and any role.
    — JILL GOERTZEN, Branch Director, International Association of Administrative Professionals
  • Sean is one of MacKay CEO Forum’s top rated speakers.  His approach to mental toughness and leadership is the new standard in leadership development and the value received from his workshops cannot be overstated.
    — Dr. Nancy MacKay, CEO MacKay of CEO Forums
Some of the most important aspects of successful leadership are, in my eyes, EQ, grit, self-awareness and the confidence to stand in a different space. There are few management development programs that focus on theses less tangible attributes in a pragmatic, grounded way and Sean is one of them. His experience gives him an approach to leadership that is uncommon and well worth consideration.
— David Labistour, CEO Mountain Equipment Co-op
I am still actively using the skills Sean Bacon taught our management team at Saam Smit. I definitely found your session interesting, practical and implementable in real life! Thank you!
— Hilary Miller Safety, Health, Environment & Quality Manager Saam Smit Canada Inc.
Sean is the ultimate professional who cares about students first and teaches from that perspective. As an instructor he is one of the top leaders in our program. The dedication to excel in both leadership and athletics is personified. He committed himself to developing as a teacher and as a leader and has earned the distinction that comes with his achievements
— Blake Wesley, OHS/OHA Senior Director Okanagan Hockey Academy
Sean is nothing short of outstanding. His delivery and commitment to both his subjects and subject matter are a inspiration to anyone fortunate to hear him speak. He is able to connect personally with each audience member using his immense military skills and training but more so with his level of empathy. Sean truly cares about that which he is speaking and to those with which he is speaking to. He is an uncommon man that is not to be missed.
— Maco Balkovec, Director of Hockey Operations Burnaby Winter Club
Sean showed us that there’s alot more gas in the tank, when guys are pushed to the limit and think they’re tired, the weekend with Sean showed there was alot more in reserve
— Huntsville Havoc Hockey Team
Although Sean only spent two afternoons with my team, his influence was significant. His military background allowed him to quickly profile individual players and turn them into a cohesive unit that will battle for each other and compete longer and harder than ever before. Once more positive step for a young CIS program. Thank You!
— Andy Cameron University of Northern British Columbia
Sean’s unique and disciplined approach to training has been an integral part of my development both as a player and in terms of character. Working with Sean pushes me beyond just the physical aspects of training and stresses the development and importance of mental toughness. I believe that working with Sean has given me a significant advantage over my competition and has developed within me the mental strength required to compete at my best in any situation.
— Luke Ripley, Men’s Hockey Team NCAA Div 1 University of Notre Dame
Sean Bacon worked with my Kwantlen University Men’s Soccer team in pre-season and greatly helped us prepare for the challenges with his work in regards to Physical conditioning, Mental toughness training, and Team Development. Kwantlen University Men’s Soccer will continue to work with Sean Bacon - as the work he does with our soccer team is unique, fascinating, and invaluable.
— Srdjan Djekanovic, Head Coach of Men’s Soccer Kwantlen Polytechnic University