Mental Toughness is where discipline and singular focus meet ability.

DSC provides the practical and psychological adversity which forge and reinforce mental toughness within a person or team. The ability to perform despite distraction, discomfort, conflict or fatigue is a powerful advantage on any playing field. Very often we do not push far enough to reach our potential and goals…mental toughness builds the personal grit needed to achieve where others fail; to succeed at the seemingly impossible.



Sean’s dynamic approach to executive coaching - developed from his experience training soldiers and policeman to achieve greatness despite distraction and discomfort - will transform the way you view your yourself, your business and your goals. He will inspire you to make essential behavioral changes, forge your mental toughness and impact your ability to achieve success as a powerful leader. Your personal journey with Sean will ignite your imagination and shape your future.

  • TAIS (The Attentional and Interpersonal Style) Assessment
  • Initial personal interview to determine needs and goals
  • Bi-weekly individual sessions by telephone
  • Once monthly in-person meetings at your location
  • Practical tools to utilize during your business day
  • Accountability checkups
  • Ongoing goal measurement


Reading and understanding non-verbal communication, or body language, is a crucial sales and negotiation tactic. Sean will forge your team’s awareness and comprehension of body language in others, as well as themselves, and provide them with the essential skills to increase sales, negotiate higher contracts and confidently interact with prospective clients.


  • Personal, hands on instruction
  • Break out groups, practice and real time feedback
  • Coaching developed specifically for your team goals and your industry
  • Advanced training available on request


The role of CEO is unique and it is essential for them to have a peer group they can talk to in an intimate, candid and respectful way. A retreat is the ideal setting for clear, candid and dynamic conversation.

Sean’s experience as a Canadian Armed Forces Military Policeman and Paratrooper provides him the unique ability to understand each individual personality and how they blend into the group or team dynamic. He draws out their strengths and transforms their weakness into a powerful tool for success.  Sean creates the opportunity for growth and change by offering a different perspective supported by new tools and thought processes to ensure victory on the journey to individual and team evolution.

  • Initial interview to determine group goals
  • 1 day or multi-day events
  • Breakout groups
  • Hands on instruction and development
  • Group challenges


Sean Bacon delivers an impactful speech on uncommon topics. His message will entertain your audience and leave them wondering how their perspective was so dynamically shifted in such a short and unforgettable time.

Topics include: Mental Toughness, Leadership, Standards not Expectations, Be Uncommon, Fail Harder, Forging Mission Oriented Teams.

TAIS (The Attentional Interpersonal Style Inventory)

TAIS measures three basic performance building blocks—Leadership, Emotional Control, and Performance Under Pressure—and is used to help individuals understand the conditions that undermine their performance and help them operate more successfully under stressful conditions.

  • Selection and Screening of Executive hires

  • Development of a tailored program to enhance performance skills

  • Identification of strengths and weaknesses for developing elite level performers

  • Similarities and differences among team members

  • Identification of root causes to solve performance roadblocks

  • Evaluation of mental skills in potential draft picks in sport



As the old slogan goes, "A team is only as good as its weakest link"; Sean’s belief is that with the proper training there are no weak links, only a team of specialists which coexist to achieve a mutual goal. The training he offers re-builds your team from the bottom up by understanding each individual personality and how they blend into the group dynamic. The team is forged together using intentional adversity resulting in an unstoppable, mission oriented team.

  • 1 day or multi-day training
  • Outdoor physical training and classroom learning
  • Coach & staff involvement to ensure continuity
  • Mental Toughness assessment


Success in life, as in sports, is 99% mental resilience. Sean’s experience training elite athletes and teams at a world level paired with training Soldiers and Law Enforcement to perform at high levels of success and to thrive under adverse conditions brings a unique combination of mental toughness & resilience skills to the forefront of his curriculum. He will create a shift in your team that is both positive and powerful.


  • Individual elite athlete psychological development & training (GRIT)
  • Team mental toughness training and psychological development
  • Team development
  • Coach instruction available